Cocca Grooming & Store

Cocca Pet Village and Wash Dog collaborate to offer a complete range of services for the wellbeing of your favourite four-footed friend. At our location in Siena at Strada Massetana Romana N°54, you will find a professional grooming service where your favourite pet will receive plenty of loving care from our Super-groomer, not just to keep your pet looking beautiful but to pamper and relax. Our self-service dog wash offers an affordable, convenient grooming experience: our card gives you round-the-clock access to a quality facility where you can give your dog a professional bath. Big tubs, appropriate shampoos, aspirators and even dog dryers ensure comfort and outstanding results, allowing dog owners to take care of their own pets. Wash Dog offers not only grooming services but a Store selling a vast range of accessories and products for your dog’s well-being: from robust leashes and collars to fun toys, every item has been chosen with care to stimulate your four-footed friend’s physical and mental activity. We also offer a selection of pet foods made by specialised brands, essential to ensure a balanced diet for man’s best friend.

"Man’s best friend has four legs and a tail, and teaches you the art of living in the present."
- Eckhart Tolle