Cocca Dog Training Academy

Cocca Pet Village is proud to host the SSD Cocca Dog Training Academy, a Csen and FIDASC affiliated facility where training, sports and freedom come together to establish a strong, harmonious bond between people and their faithful four-footed companions. An essential part of our mission is promotion of dog sports. Understanding how your dog communicates is of crucial importance for addressing imbalances and communication issues and for simply spending quality time with your dog. Dog training aims to solve problems of this kind, offering basic courses that go beyond classroom training. We offer an opportunity to venture into the wonderful world of dog sports, an opportunity not only to have fun but to strengthen your relationship with your pet, improve the dog’s response to commands and achieve better control over your dog; if you like, you can join our “Fluorescent Yellow Team”. If you don’t have an open space where your dog can run around, no worries: you can use our “Free Area“, a safe, fenced-in area where your four-legged friend can run around safely.

“Properly trained,
a man can be a dog's best friend”
- Corey Ford