Cocca breeding farm & kennels

Cocca Pet Village is a complete facility for your dog’s well-being, offering a vast range of services to respond to all the various needs of dogs and their owners. Our Kennel is one of our most important services, offering a calm, safe place for your four-footed friend to enjoy a fun holiday of carefree play. Our facility has obtained the approval of the public health unit of Siena, guaranteeing the facility’s adequacy for the purpose and compliance with regional and national animal welfare regulations. Our Doggy Daycare offers dogs a unique experience of fun and entertainment, ideal for hyperactive, shy or anxious dogs, and a great solution for people with rigid working hours. In our Breeding Farm we provide a loving environment, top-quality medical care and a special focus on the emotional well-being of both puppies and adult dogs. They receive customised treatment based on their specific needs, in a loving environment with plenty of care and attention.

"Unlimited cuddles and attention: Heaven on earth for your four-footed friends"
- Anonymous